All our student candidates are actively looking for internships and entry level jobs Our pool of young professionals (0 to 5 years of experience) are considering an early career move

Our candidates want to discover which companies are searching for their profile (skills and ambitions) We help you attract and hire the most qualified, diverse talent - 100% digital

Recruitment is our sole focus
Outperforming job boards, social media recruiting and career fairs
Exclusive information
Self reported, hard and soft data rich profiles - nowhere else available
Digital engagement
If you are not engaging talent digitally today, you might not engage them at all

LaunchCareerGet started

Create a company page: show what's it like to work at your company

Set the target audience of profiles that you are looking to recruit


LaunchCareer Target

We promote your events, internships and jobs only to candidates with the right profiles that you are looking for.

Source candidates on the basis of our exclusive self reported data: university, major, grade %, international experience, language skills, leadership and team skills, sports, passions and more!



Reach your target audience with personalized communication

Create brand awereness from the start of their studies - bring your company brand online

LaunchCareer Attract & Engage

Attract a pool of your ideal candidates: see who matches, likes and applies to your jobs.

Keep your candidates engaged with events, insights articles or directly invite for interviews

Spend more time on the talent that matters to your business


LaunchCareer Screen - Interview - Hire

We will move your pool of qualified applicants to the next step in your recruiting process (funnel) based upon the preferences of your HR department.

We can e.g. connect them to your website or event link to apply and/ or we will provide you on a regular basis overviews of their detailed profiles and contact info.

Invite – interview – hire !

We also provide you insightful dashboard info (metrics) on the results of your recruiting campaign.

We offer a talent pipeline of qualified and interested candidates for your company

LaunchCareer Enabling recruitment teams to hire better quality candidates at lower cost and with reduced effort

Company page

Show what it’s like to work at your company


Promoted company

Build brand awareness - connect to your talent pool


Promoted events, jobs and internships

Target the right audience with your events and job offers


Messages service

Invite the most qualifying talent to apply with clear 'call to action'

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